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Search for Broken Links
"404 Page not found" Errors


Broken links are quite a problem and look unprofessional for your website visitors. Furthermore broken links can harm your page ranking in the search engine result pages (SERP). Website Analyzer locates broken links ("404 Page not found" errors) in your web pages and gives you a detailed report.

The report shows exactly what page is linking to the missing page or resource, so that you can locate errors and fix potential potential problems in your website with ease. The check can be extended to external links to ensure your website is not linking to external web pages, which are no longer present.

Arclab Website Analyzer spiders your website to find broken links and others errors in your web. The detection is fully customizable and can be adjusted for your needs. You can e.g. define additional includes or exclude parts of the website from the review. The program also locates client/server errors, redirections and other issues, which could have a negative impact on your page ranking in the search engine result pages (SERP's).

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Check an unlimited Number of
Internal and External Links


Arclab Website Analyzer is an essential tool for website owners and web developers to verify the validity of internal and external links in your website.  It automates the search for critical problems in your website and can check an unlimited number of internal and external links in your website.

The sophisticated search engine finds missing web pages, missing HTML anchors, missing resources in CSS, images, video files, fonts, etc.


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Search for other Client and Server Errors


The program also detects other client (HTTP 4xx) and server (HTTP 5xx) errors in your web pages. Locate non-working parts of your website, like e.g. invalid php code resulting in a "500 internal server error". Simulate different desktop and mobile devices based on the user-agent to make sure that your pages are accessible for all users.

Arclab Website Analyzer is much more than a broken link checker ...
it's a solution to analyze and optimize your website.


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