Updates and Fixes

Arclab® Website Analyzer

  • The license includes free updates for 12 months.
    After the 12 months have expired, you can purchase an update or continue to use the last version included in the 12 months.
    See also: Information on License Keys and Free Updates

  • Update orders are price reduced.
    To order the update, visit our order page, select your country (or region) and switch to "Updates" on the next page.

  • If you already have a version older than 3.0 installed, you should uninstall the old version first.


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Latest Changes:


12-APR-2024 Version 3.2

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31-OCT-2023 Version 3.1



29-AUG-2023 Version 3.0


Deprecated Versions:


26-OCT-2022 Version 2.6

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  • Service release for all versions (!)
  • This version works with all license keys purchased since 2015.
  • The setup now allows to choose between the installation for the current user or for all users.
    The installation for the "Current user" does not require elevated user rights.
  • If you have already installed an older version, you should uninstall the old version first.


11-APR-2022 Version 2.5

  • Service release for all versions (!)
  • Fixes some minor bugs.
  • This version works with all license keys purchased since 2015.


05-DEC-2021 Version 2.4

  • The crawler engine has been updated.
  • Links within "duplicate content" pages are no longer followed. This prevents an infinite loop from occurring with incorrectly configured websites.
  • The preferred SSL version has been changed.
  • The use of IPv6 addresses has been prioritized.
  • The standard timeout time has been reduced from 30 to 10 seconds.


14-MAR-2019 Version 2.3

  • Service release


07-OCT-2018 Version 2.2

  • Changes default timeout to 30 seconds
  • Changes default max. page title length to 70 chars
  • Changes default max. meta description to 320 chars
  • The new version displays the progress during internal processing.
    Depending on the website and computing power, this process can take several minutes (!)
  • Updates crawler engine to consume a bit less cpu power
  • Updates some locals for German and English language


04-MAR-2017 Version 2.1

  • Service release updates crawler engine


14-FEB-2017 Version 2.0

  • New trial version allow you to test the software for 7 days.
  • New online quick user manual
  • Updates default website settings
  • Updates crawler and scan function


22-OCT-2016 Version 1.4

  • Scan function update
  • Fixes "Header Redirect" detection for relative "Location"
  • Updates "Missing HTML Anchor" detection


13-SEP-2016 Version 1.3

  • Scan function update
  • Grid-View update
  • Faster processing engine
  • Fixes an issue after "Cancel Analyze"


02-AUG-2015 Version 1.21

  • Scan function update
  • Fixes an issue where the "Missing HTML Anchors" detection does not show the pages linking in.


26-JUN-2015 Version 1.2

  • UI Update
  • Test version captcha removed
  • Scan function update


20-APR-2015 Version 1.11

  • Fixed md5 checksum generation for unicode chars


11-APR-2015 Version 1.1

  • Initial public release


01-APR-2015 Version 1.0

  • Initial release (closed audience)