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Export URIs (URLs) to Text and CSV (Excel readable) Format



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Export URI's based on Filters and Keywords

First, scan your website with Arclab® Website Analyzer to find all pages and resources on your website. Open the "Website Explorer" to view a list of all web pages and resources in your website. Add a filter (e.g. all external links) to the current view and export the results to plain-text (one URI per line) or CSV format (MS Excel readable format). Exactly the URIs or data that is displayed in the Website Explorer are exported.


You can also search in the page title, URI or description, if you want to export specific pages or resources only (e.g. export a list of all web pages in a subfolder). Using the export function, you can quickly and easily export the current view into a machine-readable and compatible format, which you can further process in other programs, reports, lists, databases, etc.


Website Explorer: Export URI


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Arclab® Website Analyzer the website crawler software enables you to explore your website and export URI's to text or CSV format.
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Export URI's to Text

Click on "Export TXT" to export the URI's of the current view to plain-text format (one URI per line).


Export URI to Text

Export URI's to CSV (MS Excel readable Format)

Click on "Export CSV" to export the URI's and additional information to CSV format. When exporting to the compatible CSV format, you can choose the delimiter (comma or semicolon) and the required file encoding (Unicode, utf-8, iso-8859-1, etc.). The selection of the delimiter is particularly important here, as different delimiters are used depending on your language or region.



The sample below shows the exported CSV file in MS Excel:


Export URI to CSV