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Spider your Website like a
Search Engine Robot


Arclab Website Analyzer spiders your website the same way as search engine robots do. Just enter your website URI and let the program crawl through your site, e.g. http://www.yourdomain.tld

The program starts downloading the webpage and scans for links and resources in the sourcecode. Found URI's like webpages, CSS files, images, etc. will be added to the processing queue. The program has a fast, multi-threaded engine to spider your whole website.



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Website Analyzer for Windows PC

Arclab® Website Analyzer the website crawler software for desktop and mobile optimized sites enables you to see your website through the eyes of a search engine. Software for Windows PC - Unlimited checks - No subscriptions - No recurring fees


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Simulate Desktop and Mobile Devices

Many websites deliver different content for desktop and mobile devices, e.g.
http://www.yourdomain.tld for desktop http://m.yourdomain.tld for mobile devices.

Website Analyzer allows you to simulate mobile devices based on the "user-agent" to check your website for mobile devices. Add the subdomain to the "Additional Includes" to let the program know that the subdomain is part of your website. The detailed reports and in-depth grid view will show you exactly if all redirections are working and if your mobile website is accessible for visitors and search engine robots.


Internal and External Links

Invalid external links are quite a problem and no one can check all the external links in a website by hand. Our software lets you decide if external links should be checked or skipped. If you decide to check external links, then the program will check external links for validity and report all 404 page not found errors, redirects, etc. ... It will not follow links inside the external resource.

Arclab Website Analyzer also allows you to exclude parts of your website based on the URI. This can be individual page or folders. Excluded URI's will be treated as external links. Another method to exclude parts of your website is to blacklist parts of your website. Blacklisted URI's will be ignored completely by the program.

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Protocol Changes HTTP/HTTPS

You can decide if protocol changes e.g. from http: to https: should be followed or not. If you decide to disallow protocol changes the program will report such URI's as external links, even if the resource or page is within the website root. Use this feature to detect unwanted protocol changes and avoid a mixture of protocols within your website, which might have a negative impact on your page ranking.


Link Depth

Arclab Website Analyzer shows the link depth for each resource. The link depth gives you information about the link structure of your website and how good a resource or page is reachable for search engines. The link depth describes the minimum number of steps required from the root URI to a specific URI. The program also allows you to limit the link depth to stop the recursion after the max. link depth was reached, which might be interesting for users of large sites which don't want to check the complete site.