Arclab® Website Analyzer


How to Scan Your Website and Find all Internal Links
to a specific Web Page or Resource (URI)



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Step 1: Analyze Your Website to Find all Links and URIs

Click on "Add Website" if you run the program the first time.
Enter your website details and click on "Analyze" to let the program crawl through your website.


Find all Links



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Arclab Website Analyzer the website crawler and link checker for your website and web projects.
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Step 2: Open the "Website Explorer"

Switch to the tab "Website Explorer" and click on "Open Website Explorer" to explore all your web pages and resources (URIs):


Open Website Explorer

Step 3: Select the URI (Web Page or Resource)

Select the web page or resource (URI) and click on "Link In":


Select URI

Step 4: Show all Inbound Links "Link In" for the specified Resource

The program shows all pages linking in to the web page or resource.
You can easily view all link-in (and link-out) for any web page or resource on your website.


Show Link In


Arclab® Website Analyzer allows you to explore your website and check all links for:

  • Web Pages
  • Images
  • Fonts
  • Downloads
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • etc.


Click on "Close Search" to close the search.