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How to Find Missing HTML lang Attributes in Your Pages
Scan Your Website for Missing Language Declarations



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Missing Language Declarations

It is recommended to always declare the default language in the <html> (root) element of the page.
The HTML "lang" attribute is crucial because it helps search engines like Google and Bing deliver results in the correct language.


HTML Source Sample:

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">

How can I Find "Missing HTML Language Definitions" on My Website?

Troubleshooting is easy with Arclab® Website Analyzer. First, let the program scan your website.
After the scan of your website is completed, you will receive a detailed report containing all errors found on your website and other information:


Website Analyzer Report


In the "Missing HTML Language Declarations" line, click "Show Details" to display details about the errors:


Details: Missing HTML Language Declarations


  • The program lists all web pages (A) where no <html lang= language declaration was found.
  • If none of your pages contain such a language declaration, this will be displayed instead of listing all pages.
  • For a better overview, the page title is also displayed (B).