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check  In-depth website audit

check  On-demand scan - no external service required

check  Optimize your website for search engines (on-page SEO)

check  Scan your website for errors

check  Find broken links

check  Check an unlimited number of links in your website

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Scan all Pages, Links and Resources on Your Website

Arclab Website Link Analyzer spiders (scans) your website the same way as search engine robots. It scans each web page (or resource) for links, CSS, images etc. and adds the URI's found to the processing queue. The fast and multi-threaded engine scans your whole website for possible problems and errors. Just press a button to start the scan and get a detailed analysis of your website. Using additional includes (e.g. subdomains for mobile devices) and excludes (e.g. protected subfolders) you can define exactly what pages and resources should be scanned. Website Link Analyzer is a software product for Windows PC and does not require to subscribe to a web based service - this means: direct scans, unlimited checks, no subscriptions and no recurring fees for checking your website. Read more arrow_forward



Find Broken Links "404 Page not Found" Errors

Broken links are quite a problem and look unprofessional for your website visitors. Furthermore broken links can harm your page ranking in the search engine result pages (SERP). Website Link Analyzer locates broken links ("404 Page not found" errors) in your web pages and gives you a detailed report. The report shows exactly what page is linking to the missing page or resource, so that you can locate errors and fix potential potential problems in your website with ease. The check can be extended to external links to ensure your website is not linking to external web pages, which are no longer present. Read more arrow_forward



Detailed Analysis of Your Website and Reports:

check  Spider your complete website for errors

check  Search for missing pages (404 "Page not found" errors)

check  List all HTTP redirects (HTTP 301, 302, etc.)

check  List all META redirects

check  Search for HTTP client errors (4xx)

check  Search for HTTP server errors (5xx)

check  Detect duplicate content

check  Detect duplicate page titles

check  Detect duplicate META descriptions

check  Detect missing page titles

check  Detect missing META descriptions titles

check  Find too long page titles

check  Find too long META descriptions

check  Find too long META keywords

check  Detect missing charset definitions

check  Detect header/page charset conflicts

check  Detailed reports e.g. for missing pages

check  Additional grid view to explore your website

check  Export view to plain-text and CSV format

check  Create sitemaps for search engines in plain-text and XML format

check  Multiple filter and search options

check  View all pages linking to a web page or resource

check  View all out-links for a web page

check  View and check all external links

check  View the link depth

check  Search in URI, title, description and keywords

check  Define max. length for title, description and keywords

check  Additional includes (subdomains etc.)

check  Exclude parts of your website

check  Website content statistics

check  Fast multi-threaded engine

check  Customizable "user-agent" to test mobile versions of your pages.

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Arclab Website Link Analyzer is a software product for Windows PC to analyze and optimize your website for search engines (SEO), create sitemaps, scan for broken links and other problems. Test Website Link Analyzer with our 7 days trial version for Windows PC.


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Find HTTP and META Redirects in Your Website

Redirects are sometimes unavoidable as soon as your website grows. Our software detects HTTP redirect and META redirect. The report shows you the type of redirect and the redirection target page. It also warn you if you still have HTTP 302 temporary redirects in your page. 302 temporary redirects are passing 0% of link juice to the redirection target, so this type of redirect should be avoided and used for special situations only.


On-Page SEO Optimization for Search Engines

Website Link Analyzer scans your website for on-page problems, which can harm your ranking in the search engine result pages (SERP). The detailed reports and in-depth grid view (site explorer) shows a wide variety of possible problems and recommended improvements. It detects duplicate content, searches for missing or duplicate META description tags and page titles,  warns you if a title or description is too long (customizable), detects charset conflicts and many more.


Create Sitemaps and Export based on Filters

Arclab Website Link Analyzer creates sitemaps in plain-text format (one URL per line) or in XML format, which can be used as template for more sophisticated sitemaps. The program also allows you to export URI's and details based on filters and search terms.
Read more: Sitemap Generator | Export URI's to Text or CSV


Analyze your Website Structure and Links

The grid view (site explorer) allows you to explore your website and shows additional information, e.g. the link depth, META robots etc. It shows all inbound and outbound links for a webpage or resource, lets you search, filter and sort based on many criteria. Arclab Website Link Analyzer will give you a in-depth view of your website from a different angle.


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