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What means "External Links (Resources)"?

These are all links that point to an external website, as well as all embedded resources that are located on an external website.
Important: If you have specified not only the domain but also a subdirectory, links or resources that are not within this subdirectory will also be considered "external".


Examples for External Links (Resouces):

How can I Find All External Links and External Resources on My Website?

Finding external links and resources is easy with Arclab® Website Analyzer. First, let the program scan your website.
After the scan of your website is completed, you will receive a detailed report containing all errors found on your website and other information:


Website Analyzer Report


In the "External Links (Resources)" line, click "Show Details" to display details about the errors:


Details: External Links (Resources)


  • The report contains all external links and external resources found (A).
  • In addition, all internal web pages that contain the URI (A) are displayed under "URI linked from:" (B).
  • If you have activated the option to check external links in the "Website Settings", the status code, content type and the size of the resource will also be displayed.
  • Important: Links or resources that are not within the "Website URI" but on the same server are also considered "external".