Insert EXIF Metadata and
GPS Location into Photos


Add a visible stamp/watermark
to your photos in a batch.



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Arclab Watermark Studio allows you to add a visible text watermark with EXIF Metadata, like e.g. Aperture, Exposure Time, ISO Speed, GPS, etc. to your photos. You can combine multiple metadata values to a text watermark. The position of the watermark, text font, text color and text size can be freely defined.

Sample: Date/Time and GPS Location


Text Watermark:



There are multiple placeholders in different formats for date, time and location available, e.g. to use the U.S. date format MM/DD/YYYY:


EXIF Metadata Date Time and GPS Location

Sample: File Name, Exposure Time,
Aperture F-Number and ISO


Text Watermark:

File: {FileName}
Exposure: {ExposureTime}
Aperture: {FNumber}
ISO: {ISOSpeed}


Click on "Insert Metadata" to show a list of all available metadata placeholders and the corresponding meta values for the currently selected image. You can combine the placeholder(s) with custom text.

EXIF Metadata Expsure Time, Aperture F-Number and ISO

EXIF Metadata Values:

Please note that - depending on your camera - some EXIF metadata values might not be available!


EXIF Metadata: Placeholder: Description:
File Title {FileTitle} Filename without extension, e.g. DSC01638
File Name {FileName} Filename with externsion, e.g. DSC01638.jpg
File Path {FilePath} Full path, e.g. C:\temp\DSC01638.jpg
Author {Author} Author of the image
Copyright {Copyright} Copyright notice
Image Unique ID {ImageUniqueID} Unique-ID of the image created by the camera
Title {Title} Image title
Subject {Subject} Image subject
Comment {Comment} Image comments
Keywords {Keywords} Image keywords
Orientation {Orientation} Image orientation, e.g. Rotate 180
Width {ImageWidth} Image width (after auto-rotation)
Height {ImageHeight} Image height (after auto-rotation)
Date Taken {DateTaken} EXIF Date and time the image was taken DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM:SS
  {DateTakenDay} Day in format: DD
  {DateTakenMonth} Month in format: MM
  {DateTakenYear} Year in format: YYYY
  {DateTakenHour} Hour in format: HH
  {DateTakenMinute} Minutes in format: MM
  {DateTakenSecond} Seconds in format: SS
Camera Manufacturer {CameraManufacturer} Manufacturer of the camera used to take the photo
Camera Model {CameraModel} Camera model used to take the photo
Lens Make {LensMake} Manufacturer of the lens used to take the photo
Lens Model {LensModel} Lens model used to take the photo
Exposure Time {ExposureTime} Exposure time as N/D in seconds, e.g. 1/50s
Exposure Time Decimal {ExposureTimeDec} Exposure time as decimal value, e.g. 0.02s
Exposure Program {ExposureProgram} Exposure program used to take the photo, e.g. Aperature priority
Aperture F-Number {FNumber} Aperture as F-number, e.g. F2.0
ISO Speed {ISOSpeed} ISO Sensitivity, e.g. 400
Focal Length {FocalLength} Focal length (in mm), e.g. 8mm
Focal Length 35mm {FocalLength35mm} Focal length in 35mm equivalent, e.g. 70mm
Flash {Flash} Shows if flash and red-eye reduction was used
GPS Degrees {GPSDeg} GPS coordinates in degrees (latitude and longitude)
GPS Decimal {GPSDec} GPS coordinates as decimal values (latitude and longitude)
GPS Latitude {GPSLatitude} GPS Latitude in degrees, minutes, seconds
GPS Latitude Decimal {GPSLatitudeDec} GPS Latitude as decimal value
GPS Latitude Reference {GPSLatitudeRef} GPS Latitude reference, e.g. N (North)
GPS Longitude {GPSLongitude} GPS Longitude in degrees, minutes, seconds
GPS Longitude Decimal {GPSLongitudeDec} GPS Longitude as decimal value
GPS Longitude Reference {GPSLongitudeRef} GPS Longitude reference, e.g. E (East)
GPS Altitude {GPSAltitude} GPS Altitude in meters , e.g. 405m
GPS Image Direction {GPSImgDirection} GPS Image direction in degrees
GPS Image Direction Reference {GPSImgDirectionRef} Direction reference: T = True North or M = Magnetic North



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