How to fix Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Settings

Arclab® MailList Controller

Send a Test Message to a
non-local (external) Recipient

"Non-local" means the email address is not from the same domain and is not hosted by the same provider or mail server. It's important to test an external email address because some mail server accept local messages without authentication.

e.g. use an email address of a web mail provider

Open the internal editor, click on "Test Email", enter your email address (in To) and send a test email.

Test Message

The Test Message failed ...

Open the "List Settings" > "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)"

Check the "SMTP Server", "User" and "Password". (You will get this information from your mail provider or mail administrator)
If the option "Same user and password ..." is checked, then you will find the user and password in the section "Incoming Mail Server".

If you are sure that the information is valid, change the "Authentication".
Try "SSL" and "StartTLS" authentication.

SMTP access in disabled by default on some accounts, e.g. when using Gmail you need to enable "less secure apps" (third party apps) in the Gmail settings first.

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The Test Message worked fine
but sending a Mailing fails

Please make sure that the mail service is running and "Idle"
(you should see "Service started" and "Idle" in the status line)

Check the task (mailing) in the sections
"Outgoing Messages" and "Sent Messages".

Click on "Log File" at the lower right corner to open the log file.


There are 4 possible reasons:


A Firewall or Anti-Virus Solution is blocking the Mailing

If the test message worked, the list mailing failed (no message was sent out) and the log file contains the error message:
"Error: Could not ... Failed to connect to SMTP server" then a firewall or anti-virus solution is blocking.

The difference between the test message and the list mailing is that the test message will be sent by the internal editor (amlceditor.exe) and the list message will be sent by the mail service (amlcsvc.exe).

Don't forget to turn the anti-virus or firewall back on if you want to disable it for a short test.

Some anti-virus or firewall programs block all outgoing messages sent by any program that they do not recognize. To solve this problem you need to tell the anti-virus or firewall software that amlcsvc.exe (MailList Controller mail service) is a 'trusted' program for sending emails.

Most anti-virus/firewall products will NOT block the program, e.g. the MS Windows firewall (included in MS Windows 7, 8 and 10) and Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) are not blocking MailList Controller.  Please contact us if you have discovered any new software, which is blocking MailList Controller by default.