Version Comparison

Arclab® MailList Controller

MailList Controller is available in 4 different versions - from the beginner to the dedicated professional.
The software could be upgraded to a higher level and grows with your business.


Arclab® MailList Controller Free Light Professional eXtreme
Number of Lists 1 1 10 unlimited*
Contacts per List 50 500 10.000 unlimited*
Total Contacts 50 500 100.000 unlimited*
Newsletter Mailings unlimited* unlimited* unlimited* unlimited*
IIS Directory Drop Mode
Windows Service Installation
Delayed Message Sending
Package Sending
WYSIWYG Message Composer
External User Accounts
HTML Messages
Attachments and Inline Images
External HTML Editor
Mailing Lists
Linked Lists
ODBC Support
Subsets (Queries)
Returned Mail Detection
Import Text (CSV)
Import MS Excel Files
Import MS Access Files
Import ODBC Database
Export to Text (CSV)
Export to MS Access
Email Newsletter Templates
Subscribe, Remove Email
Subscribe, Remove Web Form
Free Updates Free 12 Months
Updates are optional, you can still use the purchased version or the last free update after the free update period. The license for the purchased version never expires.
Priority Technical Support Email Email Email
Price Free 49,- 99,- 199,-
* technical and hardware limits apply