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Email Click-Through Statistics

"Click-Through" measures how often a link inside an email message was clicked and is a good indicator for the success of your email marketing campaign. You can gather "Click-Through" statistics using a web statistic solution, e.g. Google Analytics.


The tracking is based on a tagged link, which means the link contains additional information, allowing to separate the click from other traffic on your website. The stats will provide additional information about the user like: geo-location, country, time on page, exit rate, links followed, exit page, etc. ...


Click here for information about "Click-Through" email tracking using Google Analytics.
We recommend to use Google Analytics, because most users already use Google Analytics for web statistics. It allows you to see the success of your campaign in a common  environment without extra costs for an additional service.


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There is also an alternate approach to measure the success of your email campaign without using any tagged link: Create a web page as link-target on your web server. Make sure, the page is not linked from any other source, so that only recipients of your mailing can access the page. Include a link to this page in your mailing and you can gather statistic information using your web statistics, like e.g. number of unique users, ...

Email Open-Rate Statistics

"Open-Rate" measures how often an email message was opened. The tracking is typically based on a tracking pixel embedded in the message. The recipient's mail client downloads the tracking pixel (image) and the download could be tracked using your web statistics software or a simple counter.

Click here for information about "Open-Rate email tracking using Google Analytics.

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The problem is, that mail clients like e.g. MS Outlook or Thunderbird are blocking all external images for privacy reasons by default. The tracking code will be downloaded by the mail client only if the recipient has added the sender to the address book (default setting) or has changed the privacy settings. Tracking pixels are working the same way as linked images.

This means the "Open-Rate" could be very low, even if many people have "opened" (or read) your message. If you want to measure the success of your email campaign, then you should use use the "Click-through" statistics instead, which will give you detailed information on how many recipients have clicked on a link in your email.