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Why is my Message detected as Spam and how can I avoid it?

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MailList Controller sends email messages in the same format as your email program. The message format, message encoding or the mailer itself is not the problem. In most cases the content of the message or the email account is the reason why a newsletter message gets detected as spam.


Message Content and Subject:


Check the Email Address (List Email Address) and Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP Server)


Its also recommended to send a test message to a spam-protected email account and/or a web mail (e.g. free mail) account to verify the spam rating of the message. Important: Send out your newsletters to subscribers only and allow them to unsubscribe!


Common Issues:

The header often contains details about the spam-rating:

1.1 MPART_ALT_DIFF BODY: HTML and text parts are different
Include a plain-text part to your HTML message. (use the "Extract ..." function)

Rename the inline image e.g. use 1.gif instead of header.gif

1.4 SARE_GIF_ATTACH FULL: Email has a inline gif
Use a different format e.g. PNG instead of the GIF image.

Replace the title tag in the html source code. (remove <title> ... </title>)

1.3 MISSING_SUBJECT Missing Subject: header
Add a subject to your message

1.7 SARE_GIF_STOX Inline Gif with little HTML
Add more text/html content or replace/remove image.

0.6 HTML_IMAGE_RATIO_02 BODY: HTML has a low ratio of text to image area
2.5 HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_16 BODY: HTML: images with 1200-1600 bytes of words

Add more text/html content or remove image.

1.6 MY_CID_AND_CLOSING SARE cid and closing
1.5 MY_CID_AND_STYLE SARE cid and style
1.6 MY_CID_ARIAL2_CLOSING SARE cid arial2 closing
1.6 MY_CID_ARIAL_STYLE SARE cid arial2 style

Remove style/font tags (<div>,</div>,<font>,</font>) before and after the <img ...> tag.
If its not possible ... try to change the font e.g. use MS Sans Serif instead of Arial.


See also: How to Read and Analyze the Email Header Fields of a Message