Newsletter Basics and Anti-Spam Rules

This page contains basic information and does NOT constitute legal advice.

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Please take a look at the official FTC page at:
The following includes basic information only. You should read the official FTC page carefully.



Message Header: From, To and Subject

From: The program will use the "Name" specified in the list settings (not the list-name) and the list-email address as sender information.

To: MailList Controller uses the recipients email address by default. You can add e.g. the field "[Name]" as friendly name to personalize the to-field. Each recipient gets its own message containing a single email address.

Subject: The subject should describe the contents of the message. e.g. "YourCompany Newsletter"

The US CAN-SPAM Act bans false or misleading header information (e.g. "From" and "To" emails).
It also bans deceptive or misleading subject lines.



Message Body: Subscriber Information

Include some text to provide information why the recipient received this message and make clear that it's a service he subscribed to and not a spam message.

You are receiving this newsletter [email, message, offer, ...], because you subscribed to our newsletter at website
[signed up at website, bought X from us, ...]



Message Body: Unsubscribe Information

Not interested anymore? Click here [add a link to unsubscribe] to unsubscribe or reply with "Remove".
Reply with "Remove" to unsubscribe from future mailings [newsletters, messages, offers, ...]

The US CAN-SPAM Act requires that commercial email include a notice that its an advertisement or solicitation and that the recipient can opt out of receiving more commercial email from you.
See also: How to add an unsubscribe link



Message Body: Address Information

Add copyright and trademark information.
Add your name or company name and full address.

The US CAN-SPAM Act requires that commercial email include the senders valid physical postal address.