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Insert the Email Source Code (EML Format)
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Email Data, Message Source Code
and File Attachments


check  Extract data from incoming email messages

check  Insert the message source code into a database

check  Insert attached files into a database

check  Automated email processing

check  Software for Windows PC and Server

check  Supports MySQL and MS SQL Server

check  Private and secure

check  EU GDPR compliant usage

check  Test Inbox2DB for 14 days without limitation


Insert Email Message Source Code into Database

Not only can you transfer the extracted data from the email to a database, but also the complete email soure code. The email source code is in the standardized EML format and contains both the email header and the message body as well as any file attachments in coded form.

There are many reasons to store a copy of incoming messages in a database, whether this is for archival or proof purposes, or whether the source code should be processed automatically. With Arclab Inbox2DB it is easy to insert the email source code into a database on your MySQL or MS SQL Server.

Insert Email File Attachments into Database

You can insert any type of file attachment into your database, whether it's pure binary data or documents. All you have to do is make sure that the field in the database that is supposed to hold the data is suitable and big enough.

Attachments are inserted into the database as binary data.
For a MySQL / MariaDB database, a MEDIUMBLOB allows 16 MB and a LARGEBLOB up to 4 GB of data, plenty of space for even large attachments.

It is also possible to save the file attachment not in the database but on the hard drive.
See also: Save File Attachments to Disc


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Data Protection and EU GDPR Compliance


check  Arclab Inbox2DB is a software product running on your computer. It's not a hosted online service.

check  There is no data processing contract necessary because the data is not transmitted to us and not processed by us.

check  The data is written directly into the target database or Excel file you have selected.

check  You can choose whether or not the program should save a local copy of the processed messages.

check  You can configure the program so that no personal information of the sender is stored internally.