Run Inbox2DB from Command Line (Silent Mode)

Arclab® Inbox2DB

Silent Mode

Inbox2DB contains a "Silent Mode" which means you can run the program without using the program's user interface. The command-line parameter /silent allows you to execute the data connection(s) from a batch file (script), Windows Task Scheduler or from a 3rd-party application.


The program executes the data connection(s) once and closes itself after the synchronization was completed.

inbox2db.exe /silent

Command Line Options:

Run the program in silent mode and execute all enabled data connections:

inbox2db.exe /silent


Run the program in silent mode and execute the specified data connection only:

inbox2db.exe /silent /conid=id
Sample: inbox2db.exe /silent /conid=1

id = Connection ID (number shown when you click/edit the data connection)


Add /notray to disable tray notifications:

inbox2db.exe /silent /notray

inbox2db.exe /silent /conid=id /notray


Please note that the task will not be executed if the the program is already active.
This is to prevent a task from being executed while the user makes changes using the program interface.