Live Conditional Grid

Arclab® Web Form Builder

What is a Conditional Grid?

A "Conditional Grid" is a form element that shows the content of a single or multiple grids if the defined condition is met.
If the condition is not met, the grids are hidden and all input elements inside the grids are reset to the original value.

In version 5.3.1 the term "container" was replaced by "grid".


Add a new element, select "Logic and Control" and add a "Live Conditional Grid" to your form. The position of a logic element within the form does not matter, as it is not visible in the form. If there are several logic elements, however, the order of the logic elements plays a role.


IF Condition



This feature can be used to show additional input fields or to show additional information if a defined condition is met.


IF Condition


In the example above, the grid, which contains a dropdown to select the US state, should only be displayed if "US" has been selected as the country. Please note that the value of the item does not necessarily have to correspond to the text displayed in the dropdown. Always use the value of the corresponding field for all logic elements if it differs from the displayed text.

Please note that you can only select grids and not cells.
If you are using a user-defined layout, first insert a new grid into the cell and select this grid instead of the cell.