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Release Date: Version: Arclab Web Form Builder
14-OCT-2021 5.4.2 file_download  Download
20-AUG-2021 5.4.1 file_download  Download
23-JUN-2021 5.4.0 file_download  Download
26-FEB-2021 5.3.3 file_download  Download
09-FEB-2021 5.3.2 n/a
11-DEC-2020 5.3.1 file_download  Download
19-NOV-2020 5.3.0 file_download  Download
20-OCT-2020 5.2.5 file_download  Download
15-OCT-2020 5.2.4 n/a
16-SEP-2020 5.2.3 file_download  Download
11-AUG-2020 5.2.2 file_download  Download
12-JUN-2020 5.2.1 file_download  Download
25-MAY-2020 5.2.0 n/a
26-MAR-2020 5.1.13 file_download  Download
27-FEB-2020 5.1.12 file_download  Download
25-FEB-2020 5.1.11 n/a
06-FEB-2020 5.1.10 n/a
18-DEC-2019 5.1.9 file_download  Download
11-DEC-2019 5.1.8 n/a
03-DEC-2019 5.1.7 n/a
21-NOV-2019 5.1.6 file_download  Download
11-NOV-2019 5.1.5 n/a
25-OCT-2019 5.1.4 file_download  Download
18-OCT-2019 5.1.3 n/a
01-OCT-2019 5.1.2 n/a
16-SEP-2019 5.1.1 file_download  Download
13-SEP-2019 5.1.0 n/a
06-AUG-2019 5.0.20 file_download  Download
15-JUL-2019 5.0.19 file_download  Download
04-JUL-2019 5.0.18 n/a
21-MAY-2019 5.0.17 file_download  Download
16-MAY-2019 5.0.16 n/a
04-FEB-2019 5.0.15 file_download  Download
20-NOV-2018 5.0.14 file_download  Download
06-NOV-2018 5.0.13 n/a
25-OCT-2018 5.0.12 file_download  Download
24-OCT-2018 5.0.11 n/a
02-OCT-2018 5.0.10 file_download  Download
17-SEP-2018 5.0.9 file_download  Download
04-SEP-2018 5.0.8 n/a
07-AUG-2018 5.0.7 file_download  Download
09-JUL-2018 5.0.6 file_download  Download
26-JUN-2018 5.0.5 file_download  Download
29-MAY-2018 5.0.4 file_download  Download
19-APR-2018 5.0.3 n/a
24-MAR-2017 4.41 file_download  Download
17-JAN-2017 4.4 file_download  Download
23-MAR-2016 4.31 file_download  Download
12-JUL-2015 4.3 file_download  Download
21-APR-2015 4.2 file_download  Download
16-DEC-2014 4.11 file_download  Download
12-DEC-2014 4.1 n/a
24-OCT-2014 4.01 file_download  Download
02-OCT-2014 4.00 n/a
16-MAY-2014 3.50 file_download  Download
14-MAR-2014 3.47 file_download  Download
16-FEB-2014 3.46 file_download  Download
07-FEB-2014 3.40 n/a
22-JAN-2014 3.31 file_download  Download
11-OCT-2013 3.20 file_download  Download
26-SEP-2013 3.15 file_download  Download
09-JUL-2013 3.02 file_download  Download
01-FEB-2013 2.00 file_download  Download
10-DEC-2012 1.50 file_download  Download

Latest Changes:


14-OCT-2021 Version 5.4.2

  • The width in the status bar is now also updated after a change in the "Style Settings" or "Form Width" and not only when the page is loaded.
  • The "Reload Page" function has been added to the editor. This function can be used e.g. when a pseudo-element was changed and the display cannot be automatically updated or a removed style is still set in the browser.
  • If you add a new form element without label and do not change the field name, a dialog is displayed which asks for a unique field name.
  • Updates "Finalize" section. The instructions for inserting the form into the website have been revised for all target platforms.


20-AUG-2021 Version 5.4.1

  • Fixes "Cannot show page" error in "Edit Form".
  • Fixes "Date and/or Time" form element for date and time formats.
  • The email option "Add File Attachments" has been split up to give you more control.
    Its now possible to enable/disable "File Upload", "Signature" and "Custom PHP Code" file attachments individually.
  • Custom PHP Code: The option "Enable File Attachment" is now enabled by default when you click on "Create File Attachment".
  • Updates "Custom PHP Code" editor. It's now possible to access "Other Attachments" or exclude (remove) them from subsequent emails.
  • Updates section "Email and Database".
  • Adds "Add Email Attachment: Download File from Server" to "Email and Database"
  • Adds "Add Email Attachment: Create PDF with TCPDF" to "Email and Database"
  • Adds "Add Email Attachment: Create PDF with FPDF" to "Email and Database"
  • The dialog "Add Submission Task" was removed. You can now add a task directly from the main screen.
  • Fixes a conflict with the PayPal button with the "No shipping address" option selected and assigned hidden fields.


23-JUN-2021 Version 5.4.0

  • The update improves the compatibility with php version 8.
  • Fixes "Uncaught TypeError: count()" when using the file upload function (php8).
  • Fixes "Uncaught Error: Undefined constant utf8" when writing data to a MySQL database (php8).
  • Adds an option to disable scrolling to "Form Properties" > "Errors and Scrolling".
    Deactivates the automatic scrolling when changing form pages and when displaying error messages.
    Use this option if the automatic scrolling has undesirable effects on the layout of the website.
  • Updates CSS code.
  • The speed when loading and saving a form has been optimized.
  • The speed when displaying a form page has been optimized.
  • Adds "Custom php Code" to submission tasks in "Email and Database".
    This feature allows you to execute custom php code and create/add custom file attachments to the email.
    ("Custom php Code" is only available in the "Developer Edition")


26-FEB-2021 Version 5.3.3

  • Adds the form elements "Signature" (with label) to "Input Elements".
    This element provides a canvas on which the form user can sign by hand. The form uses this to generate an image file in PNG format, which is transferred together with the other form data. The signature can be made with the mouse or touch operation, depending on the user's device.
  • Updates form element "Conditional Grid". A PayPal button in a conditional grid won't be reset if the grid is hidden.
  • Updates javascript code for backward compatibility with IE11.
  • Updates alternative iframe code and "scroll" function.


09-FEB-2021 Version 5.3.2

  • Adds section "Payments" to "Add Elements".
  • Adds the form elements "PayPal Smart Payment Button" to "Payments".
  • Adds form element "Hidden Fields for PayPal Smart Payment Button" to "Hidden Fields".
  • Updates form element "Editbox" (numerical input).
  • Adds form element "Currency: Input with 2 Decimal Places".
  • Updates "Selection Elements: Date and Time".
  • Updates copy & paste function (duplicate elements check).
  • Updates form validation.


11-DEC-2020 Version 5.3.1

  • This update focuses on usability and better understanding.
  • The dialogs of all form elements have been revised and standardized.
  • The field name is now displayed for each form element in the upper area and can be edited there directly.
  • The term "container" was replaced by "grid".
  • For elements without a label, the initial field name "New Field" is now used. For elements with a label, the field name is extracted from the label.


19-NOV-2020 Version 5.3.0

  • Adds a new categrorized view to "Add Elements".
  • Adds an option to switch from the category view to the (old) symbolic view.
  • Fixes an issue on Windows systems with FIPS enabled.
  • Updates "Add Element with Label" dialog:
    The field name is automatically extracted from the label, but you can still change the field name directly.
  • Updates the form editor:
    A new menu will appear when the mouse hovers an element or cell.
    An element can be inserted or edited directly with a left-click.
    The cell width can be changed directly via the menu.
    The red X deletes the respective element or cell.
    A right-click opens the context menu (same as a left-click on the gear symbol).
  • Updates "Add Element with Label" dialog.
    The field name is automatically adopted from the label.


20-OCT-2020 Version 5.2.5

  • Updates "New Project" dialog.
  • Updates "Add Element" dialog.
    The form elements have been regrouped and reorganized.


15-OCT-2020 Version 5.2.4

  • Updates form element "File Upload".
  • Adds the form element "Editbox: Simple Passwort Protection" to "Form Elements", "Layout Label Left" and "Layout Label Top".
  • Adds the input field type "Simple Password Protection" to the form element "Editbox".
  • Adds the form element "Editbox: Hidden Input" to "Form Elements", "Layout Label Left" and "Layout Label Top".
  • Adds the form element "Button: Print" to "Form Elements" and "Layout Label Left".
    A click on this button prints the current form page without buttons and captchas.
  • Updates form element "Navigation Button Group".
  • Adds the form element "Hidden Field: Random Value" to "Special Elements".
  • Updates form elements "Button: ..." and "Navigation Button Group". An icon is now added by default for each new button.
  • Adds an option to correct the vertical icon position to form elements "Button" and "File Upload".


16-SEP-2020 Version 5.2.3

  • Updates "Finalize" instructions.
  • Updates instruction for Wordpress® (Javascript) "Gutenberg" and "Classic" editor.
  • Adds instruction for Wordpress® (iframe) "Gutenberg" and "Classic" editor.
  • Updates email editor > "Sender and Account".
  • It's now possible to use a field as sender when using php mail. This should be used only for internal emails! Please note, that this might not work or the email gets blocked, because the (web) server used to send the message might not be authorized to send emails for the sender domain.
  • Updates instructions for "iframe".
    The new code uses the attribute "style" to set the width and height instead of the attributes "width" and "height".


11-AUG-2020 Version 5.2.2

  • Adds function to "Publish" (FTP upload) the form automatically when it's built (FTP/FTPS/SFTP).
  • Complete overhaul of the "Finalize" section.
  • The instructions how to insert the form are not fully integrated into the "Finalize" section.
  • Updates instructions for XARA/Magix Web Designer® with and without mobile variant.
  • Adds instructions for XARA/Magix Web Designer® using an iframe.
  • Adds instructions for Website X5® and MS Expression Web®.
  • Adds instruction on how to use an <iframe> to embed the form.


12-JUN-2020 Version 5.2.1

  • Fixes display error for high DPI (large font) screen resolutions.
  • Some adjustments have been made for lower display resolutions.
  • The max. number of files in the form element "File Upload" has been increased to 100.
    Please note, that most php installation have a default limit of 20 files and also a limit on the total upload size!


25-MAY-2020 Version 5.2.0

  • This is a major update. The main screen and email editor have been re-designed.
  • The main screen has been divided into four tabs, which makes it easier to switch between the web form and the submission tasks "Email and Database". Therefore the previous dialog "Submission Tasks" was removed, since this functionality can now be used directly via the "Email and Database" tab.
  • The tab "Finalize" was added.
  • The email editor has been divided into three tabs.
  • Adds "Import HTML File" and "Import Text File" to email editor.
  • Adds server fields for email:
    {Server:DatumZeit} DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm:ss, {Server:DateTimeEU} DD.MM.YYYY hh:mm:ss, {Server:DateTimeUS} MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss
    {Server:Datum} DD.MM.YYYY, {Server:DateEU} DD.MM.YYYY, {Server:DateUS} MM/DD/YYYY
  • Updates default "Header" for "Autoresponder Email".
  • Updates default "Header" for "Send Email".
  • Updates default "Success Page" and "Error Page".
  • Adds an option to remove the standard separator (colon or equal-sign) when using the automatically generated email.
  • Updates HTML to text conversion for HTML/Text (MIME) messages.
  • Updates option to create a plain-text message to email wizards.
  • Fixes open/import function in form element "Read-Only Textarea".
  • Changes field labels in email for environment variables (Email).
    Please check the changed environment variable labels for existing forms if you automatically process the form using another application or service.
  • Adds ISO and local date format to environment variables (Email).
  • Updates dropdown list, radiobutton and checkbox group. If no item (option) was added by the user, the program add an default option.
  • Adds button templates to "Form Properties" > "Button Styles".
    The program now includes some button templates and also allows to import the button styles from another project file.
  • The "Style Settings" can now be changed directly from the input element dialogs.
  • Adds an option to exclude the icon font from the php file.
    Warning: Use this option only if the icon font "Material Icons" is already included in the host page.
  • Updates "EU Member States" presets (United Kingdom was removed).
  • Updates CSS code to avoid additional spacing in (mixed) containers with visible and invisible elements.
  • Updates range option "Between" in "Date and Time" form element.
  • Adds "Linked Range" to "Date and Time" form element.
    This new feature allows you to specify the range of a date/time element based on another date/time.
  • Updates form element "Timespan", e.g. 10-12 April now returns 2 completed and 3 started days.
  • Updates form element "Date and Time". It's now possible to make certain weekdays non-selectable.
  • Adds server environment variables to "Insert into MySQL Database". Please note, that the available fields depend on the database field type.
    For text: {Server:ScriptName},{Server:ClientIP} and for datetime,time,date: {Server:DateTime}
  • The script now uses the php extension "curl" to verify the reCaptcha response on server side, since some webhosts have disabled "allow_url_fopen". If the php extension "curl" is not enabled it falls back to "file_get_contents".
  • Adds auto-fix to avoid "Errorcode: E002 (MISSINGREQFIELD)" for lost child elements.
  • Fixes CSS styles for "Editbox" type "password" (hidden input).
  • Adds type "Custom HTML5 Pattern" to "Editbox".
  • Updates CSS for automatically generated email.
    Important: Reset the email styles if you are using an older project and the email does not look as expected.


26-MAR-2020 Version 5.1.13

  • When loading a "Design Template", the previously set form width is now adopted and no longer reset to the default width.
  • Adds "How to Change the Styles for Input Elements" info to input elements.
  • Adds info screen to "Style Templates" selection when using the wizard or creating a new form.
  • The javascript code to insert the form into the host page was updated to make it easier to change the filename/path.


27-FEB-2020 Version 5.1.12

  • Fixes "E004 (NOVALIDEMAIL)" for non-required email fields


25-FEB-2020 Version 5.1.11

  • Adds an auto-fix function for replaced fields.
    Instead of showing an error message (when you click on "Build Web Form"), the program tries to fix the ID's of the replaced fields.
  • Updates "Update Hidden Fields" if clauses.
  • Updates Time, Date and DateTime fields when inserting values into a database.
    If e.g. a Date is empty it writes NULL (instead of 0000-00-00) into the table.
  • Updates "Wizard for Contact Forms".
  • Updates "Send Email" and "Send Autoresponder Email" wizards.
    The internal mail function of the website "php Mail" is now used as default for both wizards.
    The "php Mail Compatibility Mode" dialog was removed from the wizards. The mode is now automatically copied from an existing task.


06-FEB-2020 Version 5.1.10

  • Adds warning for "php Mail" with external sender email address.
    The new version allows you to override the check for php mail with external sender.
  • Updates form element "Live Conditional Field: IF-Clauses".
  • Updates form element "Update Hidden Fields: IF-Clauses".
  • Adds form element "Update Hidden Fields: If-Then-Else Clause".
    This new element allows you to define a complex condition and set multiple fields at once in the "then" and "else" blocks.
  • Adds form element "Live Hidden Field: Array Value".
    This new element adds a hidden field that returns the value from an array based on the index.
  • Adds form element "Navigation Button Group".
  • Adds "Error Code" to "Error Page" for easier error processing.
    The error code is included in the error page, when you create a new form. It has no effect on forms created with previous versions.
    See also: Errorcode
  • Fixes "Subject" in "Submission Tasks".


18-DEC-2019 Version 5.1.9

  • Adds instructions on how to integrate the form in Xara/Magix Web Designer
  • Adds instructions for error "PHP PEAR not installed".
  • Updates php functions for IDN support.
  • Improves backwards compatibility with php version 5 (if you cannot update to php version 7).


11-DEC-2019 Version 5.1.8

  • The form width dialog is now shown automatically when you create a new form.
  • Updates form wizard.
  • Updates error processing, e.g. PEAR:Mail not installed.
  • Adds "Custom Javascript" to "Web Integration".
    This new feature allows you to enter custom javascript code to be executed on different events.
    (on form load, after page load, after form load, after form submission)
  • Updates internal php functions for better compatibility with various installations and server configurations.


03-DEC-2019 Version 5.1.7

  • Updates HTTP response header to disable any browser caching of the form.
  • Adds "Layout Label Top" to form wizard.


21-NOV-2019 Version 5.1.6

  • Updates "Email Options" dialog.
  • Adds an option to attach the form data as XML file attachment.
  • Adds an option to attach the form data as CSV file attachment.
  • Updates "Form Submission Tasks" dialog. The dialog now shows information about the respective task.
  • Adds form element "Custom Raster Generator" to "Form Elements".
  • Adds a warning when using php mail with external recipients and an option to turn off the warning.
  • Updates "Contact Form Wizard"
  • Fixes HTML code for "Editbox: Website URL"


11-NOV-2019 Version 5.1.5

  • Adds "php Mail Compatibility Mode" to wizards and "Email Options".
    Some Unix mail transfer agents violate the RFC by replacing LF by CRLF automatically which leads to a broken email encoding (double CR).
    The program allows you adjusting the script on your webserver using the compatibility modes (A) or (B) if the RFC standard is not working.
  • Updates "Reply-To" autodetection.
  • Updates default email styles.
  • Updates email header encoding.
  • Updates email encoding.


25-OCT-2019 Version 5.1.4

  • Adds form element "Editbox: IBAN" (ISO 13616 International Bank Account Number).
    The IBAN will be verified according to the ISO specification to avoid type errors.
  • Adds form element "Editbox: Phone Number" (relaxed). Length: 5-30 chars.
    "Phone Number" has replaced "International Phone Number" and allows "0123456789+()-." and spaces.
    The number will be cleared of additional chars and spaces to e.g. 0123456789 or +123456789 for international numbers ( 00 => +).
  • Updates "IF-Clauses" and "Conditional Container" to allow checking for empty strings (no text).
    Just leave the condition empty, enter '' or "". Sample: IF {Name} == "" THEN ...
  • Adds more fields to contact form wizard.
  • Fixes a problem with calendar control where it was possible to select an "invisible day".
  • Fixes a problem with calendar control, where switching to daylight saving time could lead to a duplicate or wrong date.


18-OCT-2019 Version 5.1.3

  • Updates "New Form" dialog.
  • Updates email encoding.
  • Fixes a rare issue with broken file attachments.
  • Changes the default email format to HTML/Text (multipart-alternative) when creating a new message.


01-OCT-2019 Version 5.1.2

  • Adds an info screen shown before "Build Web Form" dialog.
  • Service Release


16-SEP-2019 Version 5.1.1

  • Fixes "Ok" button on "Add Elements" dialog


13-SEP-2019 Version 5.1.0

  • Updates "New Form" dialog.
  • Add samples and templates to "New Form". The program now includes several sample templates and form.
  • Updates "Add Elements" dialog.
    The elements are no arranged in 4 groups: "Form Elements", "Layout Label Left", "Layout Label Top" and "Special Elements".
  • Adds "Custom Date" to form element "Hidden Date/Time".
    This allows you to define a hidden variable of the type data/time with a custom date/time.
  • Updates "Submission Tasks" and email wizards.
  • Adds "Outputbox" and "Text" to elements with label left and label top.
  • Adds "Show Element Name on Hover" to "Program Options".
    This option is enabled by default and shows the element name (and the cell) when you move with the mouse over an element.
  • Updates "Submission Tasks" > "Optional Condition" dialog.
  • Adds "Custom Dual Layout" and "Custom Triple Layout" for elements with label on the left and label on top.
    These elements have been added to simplify repetitive tasks. It is possible to create any layout using a container!
  • Updates "Edit Container" and "Responsive Columns" dialogs.
  • Updates styles for "Layout Label Top" (less space between the label and input element for all elements with label on top).
  • Adds "Reduce Padding-Top" and "Reduce Padding-Bottom" to "Edit Cell" dialog.


06-AUG-2019 Version 5.0.20

  • Updates "Easy Form Wizard"
  • Updates SMTP and php "mail()" settings for all wizards
  • Adds support for high DPI (large font) screen resolutions
  • Fixes "blurry" screen fonts


15-JUL-2019 Version 5.0.19

  • New wizard for Submission Tasks: Send Email
  • New wizard for Submission Tasks: Send Autoresponder Email
  • Service release


04-JUL-2019 Version 5.0.18

  • Adds form element "Horizontal Line".
  • Fixes "Live Hidden Field > Mathematical Expression".
  • Updates code for "IF Clauses" and "Conditional Container".
  • Updates "Web Integration" instructions.
  • Fixes an issue where a custom SMTP port was overwritten.


21-MAY-2019 Version 5.0.17

  • Adds "Web Integration" > "Move Form" for responsive pages.
    Usually responsive web pages just change the width of the elements. However, some responsive webpages hide entire areas. If you place the form in such an area, the form would also be hidden depending on the width of the browser. The solution is to move the form (based on a condition) to another host element, so that the form will be shown again after the original host element was hidden.
  • Adds "Form Properties" > "Responsive Form" for responsive pages.
    The settings override the "Form Style Properties" depending on the width of the browser.
    By default, the form inherits the width and font of the host element, so the settings are not required if your host page already includes the styles.
  • Updates HTML code for "Invisible reCaptcha".
  • Fixes an issue, where the "Conditional Container" was not working correctly for multi-page forms.
  • 30-MAY-2019 Update: Updated setup to avoid an issue caused by Windows 10 Update 1903.
    If the program won't start after the update to Windows 10 1903, download and re-install Web Form Builder.


16-MAY-2019 Version 5.0.16

  • Updates CSS code.
  • When creating a new project, the dialog "Style Templates" will be automatically opened.
  • Updates "Radiobutton Group".
    It's now possible to remove the default selection in the dialog.
  • Updates "Checkbox Group"
  • The "Add Item" function in radiobutton group, checkbox group and dropdown list was changed to avoid duplicate values.
  • Updates "Conditional Container" to avoid collusions if the same container is used in multiple conditions.
  • The HTML code has been optimized to remove invisible elements.
  • Add "Special Elements" > "Live Hidden Field: Timespan".
    The timespan element can be used to calculate the time span between two date/time fields in years, days, hours and minutes.
  • Adds "Outputbox" to "Additional Elements for Layout: Elements with Label on the Left".
  • Adds "Text" to "Additonal Elements for Layout: Elements with Label on the Left".
  • Adds "Special Elements" > "Live Hidden Field: Age Calculation".
    The element calculates the age based on a (birth) date field.
  • Adds "Special Elements" > "URL Parameter".
    The element allows to override the default value of a field or input element using an URL parameter.
  • Adds "Special Elements" > "Javascript Parameter".
    The element allows to override the default value of a field or input element using a Javascript variable in the host page.
  • Adds a visual calender to the form element "Date and Time". You can now choose between input using a dropdown and a calendar.
  • Updates form element "Date and Time": The "Output Format" will be changed automatically if the input and output format does not match.
  • Updates "Web Integration" > "Hide Error After".
    Please check this value if you are loading a project file created with an older version.
  • Adds an optional "Condition" to each "Submission Task".
    This makes it possible e.g. send an email to different recipients, depending on which condition is met.
    You can also use the new feature to send the autoresponder only if the user wants a copy of the data.
  • Updates "Form Submission Tasks" dialog.


04-FEB-2019 Version 5.0.15

  • Updates CSS for form element "Outputbox" (vertical alignment).
  • Updates "Live Numerical Field" expression/syntax check.
  • Updates javascript code and form insertion code to avoid problems with javascript libraries and variables used in some website templates.
  • Fixes code for custom CSS
  • Updates form element "Radiobutton Group".
    Use item width "0" to hide an item of the group. This can be useful if the default selection should be hidden.


20-NOV-2018 Version 5.0.14

  • Updates CSS code for all design templates.
    To apply this to a project created with a previous version of the program, click on "Style Templates" and select one of the supplied themes.
  • Fixes select option text color for transparent backgrounds.
  • Adds "Style Templates": Standard Double, Standard3 Double Rounded, Standard4 Rounded, Metallic Light, Transparent Dark Background, Transparent Medium Background, XL, XL Shadow, XL Rounded, XL Double, XL Double Rounded
  • The "Easy Form Wizard" adds now a default placeholder text to input fields.
  • Adds a second info screen to "Easy Form Wizard" and an option to hide the info screens.
  • Adds "Header/Footer" to email.
    You can use this option to add an optional header or footer to the automatically generated email.
  • Adds text: "Thank you for your message. We received your information on {Server:DateTime}." to default autoresponder message.
    Hint: The font, font-size and color of this text can be changed using "Email Styles" > "Edit Inner Table Style".
  • Updates default email styles.
  • Adds "Info" dialog to email editor.
  • Updates "Server and Account" and "Recipient" to avoid problems when using an external email address with php mail().
  • Updates "Email Format" and "Email Styles" dialogs.
  • Adds "Autoresponder Email" to "Submission Tasks".
  • Updates captcha color themes.
  • Removes "spellcheck" (red underline) from captcha input field.


06-NOV-2018 Version 5.0.13

  • The standard (browser-based) drop-down selection icon has been replaced by browser-independent CSS code.
    To apply this to a project created with a previous version of the program, click on "Style Templates" and select one of the supplied themes.
  • Updates CSS code for Dropdown selection.
  • Updates Radiobutton and Dropdown CSS code for status "Required".
  • Adds "Style Templates": Standard Focus Outline, Bureaucracy, DarkGrey, GreyBlue, Focus Outline GreyBlue, Focus Outline Teal, Icecube, LightGrey, Metallic, Round Blue, Round Brown, Round Green, Round Pink, Round Purple


25-OCT-2018 Version 5.0.12

  • Fixes a problem with php 7.2 where the validation of the internal captcha always failed.


24-OCT-2018 Version 5.0.11

  • Updates "Insert Form Element" dialog. The form elements are now grouped in 3 tabs.
  • Adds "Editbox: Numerical Input, Email Address and Website URL" form elements for quick access.
  • Adds "Elements with Label on Top".
    This section works the same as "Elements with Label on the Left", but the cells are arranged one below the other.
  • Adds "Insert additional Text below Input Field" to "Add Field with Label" dialog.
  • Updates "Easy Form Wizard" cell width for elements with 2 input fields in a row.
  • Adds "Important Notes" to "Easy Form Wizard".
  • Adds "<noscript>Please enable javascript in your browser!</noscript>" to the default form insertion code.
    The message is shown if javascript is disabled in the browser, e.g. if the user uses an extension to disable javascript.


02-OCT-2018 Version 5.0.10

  • Updates "Most Recently Used" (start) dialog.
    You can now run the wizard directly or start with an empty project.
  • Adds "Form Width" to main menu.
  • Adds instructions for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Typo3
  • Updates form CSS to prevent more (unwanted) host page styles from being applied to form elements.


17-SEP-2018 Version 5.0.9

  • The form can now also be displayed without being integrated into a host page. To do this, you can upload the php file created by the program to your web server and open the uploaded php file in the browser. The script recognizes whether it is called directly in the browser or integrated into a host page via the Javascript code. So it returns different code depending on how it is invoked or included.
    The "direct open" is mainly used to test the form. The form corresponds exactly to the preview displayed in the program (by opening the form directly in the browser no CSS styles of the hostpage are applied). As a rule, the form should be integrated into a host page via the Javascript code displayed in the program.
  • Adds "php Include" and "php Direct" options to "Web Integration" > "Settings".
  • Updates "php Mail" sender email address filter.


04-SEP-2018 Version 5.0.8

  • Adds "Live Conditional Container" form element, which allows to show/hide a single or multiple containers based on a condition (if-clause).
  • Adds "UUID Hidden Field" form element, which contains an Universally Unique IDentifier (RFC 4211 compliant UUID version 4).
  • Updates "Live Conditional Field" form element.
  • Updates "Update Hidden Fields" form element.
  • Updates command button to quickly switch through form pages.
  • Adds "Container Name" to form element "Container".
    The container name can be used to make it easier to locate a container within the editor and has no effect on the output/form.
  • The "Field Name" (variable name) now allows all characters, except: [SPACE] { } < > ( ) [ ] ^ / \ $ & * . + - ? % = , " ' ! : ; | ~ # °
    The excluded characters are replaced by an underscore.
  • Adds the email option "Remove Empty Fields".
    Enable the option "Remove Empty Fields" to remove the field label and the (empty) field content from the HTML email.
    The HTML comments <!--START:Fieldname--> and <!--END:Fieldname--> mark the beginning and the end of the output belonging to the respective field.
  • Updates auto-generated email CSS (less spacing between 2 fields).
  • Updates form CSS to prevent some (unwanted) host page styles from being applied to form elements.


07-AUG-2018 Version 5.0.7

  • Adds option "Show Plus Icon in Empty Cells" (See: Program Options)
  • Updates Date and Time input element
  • Adds "No Label Empty Cell" form element
  • Adds Captcha to Form Wizard
  • Adds command buttons for quick access to "Form Pages", "Success Page" and "Error Page"
  • Updates CSS to remove iOS/Safari styles from input and textarea
  • Adds unequal operator (!=) to "IF-Clauses"


09-JUL-2018 Version 5.0.6

  • "Edit Mode" shows details for hidden and conditional fields


26-JUN-2018 Version 5.0.5

  • Updates "Form Wizard"
  • Minor text changes and fixes


29-MAY-2018 Version 5.0.4

  • Adds "Form Width" dialog to "New Form"
  • Adds "Easy Contact Form Wizard" to "New Form"
  • "Most Recently Used" shows the last 20 files (instead of 5)
  • Updates "Add Element" dialog
  • Sample host page renamed to filename-sample.html (German: filename-beispiel.html)
  • Adds default error and success messages to result pages
  • Updates "Label" element
  • Updates "Conditions Checkbox", which can now be used as an optional field or as a required field
  • The "Material Icons" font is now integrated in the php file.
    This means that the font does not need to be downloaded from the Google server, nor does it have to be hosted locally.
    We recommend to re-create your forms using the latest version regarding the EU GDPR.


19-APR-2018 Version 5.0.3

  • Version 5 is a completely new and improved version of Web Form Builder.
  • Variable and flexible layout based on <div> instead of a static table in version 4.
  • Responsive columns.
  • Multiple submission tasks.
  • Send the form data as email using php Mail and/or SMTP.
  • Customize the email message.
  • Insert the form data into a MySQL database.
  • The new version includes calculation, conditional and hidden fields.
  • Supports Google's reCaptcha v2 or Invisible Captcha.
  • Please note that the project files are not compatible with any older version!
    You can install both versions, Web Form Builder 5 and 4 on the same machine.
  • 5.0.1 Fixes internal captcha
  • 5.0.2 Fixes IE 11 compatibility
  • 5.0.3 Updates button CSS
  • 5.0.3 Disables autofill for internal captcha
  • 5.0.3 Fixes malformed "Friendly Name"
  • 5.0.3 Adds "Help for Width and Alginment" button to "Form Properties"



24-MAR-2017 Version 4.41

  • Service release
  • Replaced custom email validation check:
    with built-in php email validation check:
    filter_var($a, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)


17-JAN-2017 Version 4.4

  • Service release
  • Fixes an issue where the selected item was not highlighted in the editor
  • Fixes "Dual Field" text format in HTML email output


23-MAR-2016 Version 4.31

  • Service release
  • Fixes "checkbox links" issue in edit and preview mode
  • All external links will now open in the system default browser instead of MS IE


12-JUL-2015 Version 4.3

  • Service release
  • Windows 10 users should update to version 4.3 (or newer)


21-APR-2015 Version 4.2

  • Updates Google reCaptcha to latest version
    Important: Create a new key pair on https://www.google.com/recaptcha/ if your old key pair is not working!
  • Fixes BOM-issue when loading a HTML host page
  • Service release


16-DEC-2014 Version 4.11

  • Fixes online update notification (empty text)


12-DEC-2014 Version 4.1

  • New "Developer Edition" available.
    The developer edition was often requested and especially made for developers and web design companies. This new license type allows you to create forms for your clients and sell the php code generated by the program (not the program itself) to your clients, which is not allowed using the standard license. Using the standard license each of your clients (or you in their name) has to purchase a single standard license. Please take a look at: Version Comparison for more details.


24-OCT-2014 Version 4.01

  • Fixes "template lost after changing the form settings".


02-OCT-2014 Version 4.0

  • UI Update
  • Added Joomla and Wordpress mode (iframe)
  • "Text Description" can host form values - Syntax: [VariableName]
  • "Text/HTML" can host form values on all form pages
  • Update form values in text output entered on the same form page (uses Javascript)
  • Removed built-in FTP. Please use your common FTP client to upload the form instead.
  • Updated iframe and php include redirect (top level frame)
  • Important: Version 4 uses a new license key system, which starts with AWEBxx-....
    If you have purchased an older version after october, 1st 2013 then you can request a new license key here.


16-MAY-2014 Version 3.5

  • Fixed "Label Position"
  • Added "Properties" -> "Form Elements" -> "Radiobutton/Checkbox Margin Top"
  • Added languages to date (month)
  • Added "Indent Text" option to "Text/HTML"
  • New "Heading" form element
  • Updated CSS code
  • User manual is now included in the download file (as PDF)


14-MAR-2014 Version 3.47

  • Script code will be disabled during the edit to avoid any delays or blocking javascript code. The script code will be re-enabled in the output php file!
  • Updated filter function to generate the variable name based on the label and to filter unwanted characters from the variable name.
  • Service release


16-FEB-2014 Version 3.46

  • Updated start screen
  • Added php version check
  • Service release


07-FEB-2014 Version 3.40

  • Added padding for input elements
  • Added default border 1px solid grey for cross browser compatibility
  • Updated spacing and row-spacing
  • Updated "Check Box" and "Required Check Box"
  • Added "Legal Check Box"
  • Added redirect function (redirect to a URL instead of showing the "Success Page")
  • Updated CSS
  • Added label line height
  • Fixed line break issue for "Multi-Line Input" (IE)
  • Important: Please check the following values when you are loading a form created with an older version!
    Suggested default values:
    Form Properties -> Style and Layout -> Form Elements -> Border: 1px solid #707070
    Form Properties -> Style and Layout -> Form Elements -> Padding Input: 2px
    Form Properties -> Style and Layout -> Form Elements -> Padding Drop-Down: 1px
    Form Properties -> Style and Layout -> Table/General-> Row Spacing: 10px
    Form Properties -> Style and Layout -> Form Elements -> Button Margin 0px 5px 0px 0px


22-JAN-2014 Version 3.31

  • Updated box-model to avoid layout problems


17-JAN-2014 Version 3.30

  • Added United States ANSI
  • Added United States ISO
  • Fixed Boolean Option text
  • Added some pre-defined Answer and Multiple Choice form elements
  • Added copy function for form elements
  • Active form element is now highlighted (blue) in the editor
  • Updated Required Checkbox to allow custom values and text-position
  • Updated Text/HTML form element
  • Added Re-Load Host Page button
  • UI Update
  • Adjusted fonts for high resolution dpi settings


11-OCT-2013 Version 3.20

  • Added support for Google reCaptcha
  • Service Release


26-SEP-2013 Version 3.15

  • Fixes a problem with "Umlauts" and other special chars in the form element "Text/HTML".


18-SEP-2013 Version 3.11

  • Modified script to override a conflicting charset sent in the http-header
  • Updated CSS code


13-SEP-2013 Version 3.10

  • Added "Override Alignment"
  • Updated "Number" form element (added Type, Seperator and Align)
  • Customizable self-referential Captcha-URL (for php include)
  • Added white-space:normal as style for the form to avoid unwanted line-breaks (if the style was set to pre in the page)


09-JUL-2013 Version 3.02

  • Updated "Number" form element to accept real numbers in min. and max. value
    Please note, that you need to re-enter the min. and max. value if you are loading a form made with an older version!
  • Updated "Number" form element. "," will be converted to "." - so 3,14 equals 3.14
  • Updated "Label Position"


03-JUL-2013 Version 3.01

  • Fixed min-length/max-length issue in "Hidden Password Input" form element
  • Added leading-zero to day and month in ouput of date form elements
  • Added default values for autoresponder sender and subject
  • Fixed "Reply-to" issue


28-JUN-2013 Version 3.0

  • Updated MS Web Browser Control to display CSS3 styles. Its recommended to install MS Internet Explorer 10 (or newer).
    Please note: It will still work on older systems (IE installations), but the internal browser control might not show all CSS styles.
  • Added an additional Mode to create a Form for php Include
  • Added attachments (file upload form element)
  • Updated "Line - Horizontal Rule" to use the HR definition in the "Form Properties" -> "Styles"
  • Updated HTML and CSS code
  • Added Check Box Groups (Horiz) and (Vert)
  • Added Button Styles to "Form Properties - Style and Layout - Button Styles"
  • Added Button Styles and Custom Button Style to Button form element
  • Added "required option" to Date input fields


01-FEB-2013 Version 2.0

  • New Autoresponder to send a copy of the form data or a custom message to the user submitting the form.
  • New table format options "Spacing" and "Row Spacing".
    Please update your Styles if you are loading a file created with a previous version!
  • Updated HTML code
  • Alternate position for "Buttons" and "Captcha"


10-DEC-2012 Version 1.5

  • Added "Dual Single Line Input" form element
  • Fixed "unchecked Checkbox" summary (false) in "Static Text/HTML"
  • Fixed "New Form Wizard" -> "Download HTML Template Page"


09-SEP-2012 Version 1.42

  • Fixed "Static Text/HTML" form element
  • Updated captcha image generator to prevent image buffer problem


29-AUG-2012 Version 1.4

  • Added Password Protection form element
  • Updated single-line input field (text and numeric)
  • Added min and max. length to single-line input field
  • New static text/html form element (WYSIWYG)
  • Please reopen all "static text" form elements if you open forms created with an older version!
  • Static text/html allows to include form values for e.g. a summary on the success or submit page
  • Value range input field updated
  • Compacted php code
  • Added "New Form Wizard"
  • Added Form Property: "Required Field Marker" to highlight the "Label" if a field is required
  • Added "HTML Email" options to customize the HTML email


03-JUL-2012 Version 1.32

  • Changes in text (Input Field and Value Field)


02-JUL-2012 Version 1.31

  • Fixed a problem with Windows XP, which caused the comctrl.dll to crash after a click on an edit icon


25-MAY-2012 Version 1.3

  • Added backward compatibility for Windows XP (older versions will run on Windows 7 or Vista only)
  • Added "Text Name Position": Top, Top-Left, Hide, Hide-Left


03-MAY-2012 Version 1.21

  • Fix for "STATIC_Blank" issue
  • Fix for checked/unchecked issue when using drop-down, select, multi-select and radio-button elements


24-APR-2012 Version 1.2

  • New fully functional free version
  • Fix for local-template issue


29-MAR-2012 Version 1.12

  • Fix: "Array" displayed when using a multi-selection form element on a single form page


27-FEB-2012 Version 1.11

  • Fix: The mail sourcecode was shown in the mail client in some cases (depending on the version of mb_send_mail). This was caused by an additional \r in the additional header lines.


22-JAN-2012 Version 1.1

  • Added optional 8bit message encoding for Text, HTML and XML
  • [Email] will be used as sender "From:" in the header if [Email] was defined as form variable
  • New text format option [LINKTOP:URL] to open a link as new page in the current browser window when using an iframe or frames


08-JAN-2012 Version 1.03

  • Fix: Numerical Input produced a parse error if no default value was specified
  • Fix: Radio-Button (horiz) missing values
  • Fix: Recently Opened Forms


22-DEC-2011 Version 1.02

  • Fix: Vertical radio-buttons direction
  • Fix: Required fields on multi-input
  • Fix: Delete Page


15-DEC-2011 Version 1.0

  • Initial Release