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Create Custom PDF Email File Attachments
using TCPDF or FPDF PHP Library



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Create Custom PDF using TCPDF or FPDF


The Developer Edition of Web Form Builder allows you to execute your own PHP code after submitting the form. This can be used to create a PDF document that can be attached as a file to the email sent by the form.

The program already provides a basic framework for the PHP libraries TCPDF and FPDF, so that you only have to define the text and the formatting of the PDF document. All you have to do is add an additional task, which will be executed before the email is sent. The PDF document is then automatically attached to all subsequent emails.

Please note that the corresponding PHP library TCPDF or FPDF must be available on your server. The library can be downloaded from the manufacturer and unzipped into a folder on your web server or installed with "composer".

Create PDF Email Attachment

Create PDF Email Attachments

Create PDF Email Attachments

Create a custom PDF document (e.g. invoice or contract) with data from the form and attach it to the email or autoresponder generated by the form.


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Insert Data from the Form into the PDF Document


In addition to text, the PDF document can of course also contain values from the form or input made by the user in the form. To do this, you can access all the fields of the form and insert them into the PDF document.

The available PHP variables (form field variables) are displayed in the code editor and can be inserted by simply clicking on the field name. You can use this function, for example, to create automatic invoices or contracts, which should be supplemented with data from the form.

You can fully evaluate the program using our test version. The test version contains all features, but brands the form pages with "Test-Version".
You can download and test the software as long as you want on your own website (no registration required).


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