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Insert Form Data into a MySQL Database
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Create Web Forms for MySQL


check  Insert form data into a MySQL database

check  Build sign-up, application forms or questionaires

check  Easy to setup

check  Script runs on your own website

check  Supports all data-types

check  Insert images and documents (file uploads) into MySQL

check  No coding required

check  Build the form in a visual environment

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Web Form Builder

Build the Web Form using a Visual Environment

Web Form Builder will make it easy to create forms for MySQL. First add the desired input elements to your form:


Visual Form MySQL Editor 


The program supports all types of input elements:

  • Editbox (Text, URLs, email, numerical input)
  • Textarea (Multi-line input)
  • Drop-Down List
  • Checkbox Group
  • Radiobutton Group
  • File Upload
  • Date and Time
  • Hidden Input Fields
  • Calculation and Conditional Fields
  • Signature Fields
  • Payments

Web Form Builder the online form creation software for Windows PC to
create HTML/PHP web forms for Email and MySQL with ease.

Build single or multi-page forms on your PC using a visual environment
and upload the forms to your own web server, web space or CMS system.


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Arclab® Web Form Builder

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Setup the MySQL Database Connection and Field Mapping

The next step is to define what should happen after submitting the form. In this case, the form data should be inserted into a MySQL database. Of course you could also send the data by email or define a whole sequence of tasks that should be processed after submission.


In this dialog you can easily specify which form field should be inserted into the database.
Simply enter the name of the database field and select the appropriate data type:


MySQL Field Mapping


The program will automatically display the appropriate form fields so that you can select the field directly from a list.

Insert the Form into Your Host Page

Just copy and paste the insertation code shown in the program into your host page and upload the php file generated by the program to your website.
You can insert the form into any existing HTML or php page. It can also be used with CMS systems like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or Typo3.


You can fully evaluate the program using our test version. The test version contains all features, but brands the form pages with "Test-Version".
You can download and test the software as long as you want on your own website (no registration required).

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Want to Save the Results to a Database or MS Excel Sheet on your local Computer or Network?

Inbox2DB collects the form data gathered through email forms and saves it to a database or MS Excel sheet on your computer. Using Inbox2DB there is no database on the server required. Inbox2DB is a separate program for Windows PC and a perfect extension for Web Form Builder. Learn more arrow_forward