Download and Attach a File from Your Web Server

Arclab® Web Form Builder

Download a File from Your Webserver and Add it as Email Attachment


Switch to the "Email and Database" tab and select the type of task you want to add under "Add Submission Task":
Please note that this functionality is only available in the "Test Version" or in the "Developer Edition".


Execute Custom php Code


Select "Download File from Server" and a dialog will open in which you can enter the web address of the file directly.


Download File from Server


The PHP editor then opens. You don't have to make any changes here and you can simply click on "Apply Changes".


Code Details

A function called "Download" is already included for downloading a file from your web server.
The following code downloads the file from your web server and assigns the content:

$att_content_data = Download("http://www.yourdomain.tld/terms.pdf");

If you want to change the web address, you can change it directly in the code.
Please note that in this case you also have to change the file name of the attachment and the content-type.


Download and Attach File




Please note that all tasks are executed in the order shown under "Email and Database". The file attachment must have been created before the email and will then be attached to all subsequent emails. You can use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons to change the order of the tasks accordingly.


Change Task Order