Upload Web Form

Arclab® Web Form Builder

Publish Web Form

After you have edited the form, click on "Build Web Form" to create the PHP file. The php file generated by the program contains the complete form and the code for processing. In order to be able to use the form you only have to upload the created php file to your website.



In order to automatically upload the form to your website after it has been created using the built-in FTP function, you only have to configure it once.
To do this, click on "Configure" when building the form.


Upload Web Form


A dialog now opens in which you can set the FTP settings for the automatic upload:


Select Upload Folder


In the next step you can select the target folder on your website:


It is best to call up the form (PHP file) once directly in the browser after it has been uploaded to check whether the form (PHP file) has been uploaded to the correct folder on your website.