Radio Button Group

Arclab® Web Form Builder

What is a Radio Button Group?

A radio button (group) is an input element that allows the user to choose only one of a predefined set of mutually exclusive options.


Add Item to Group

A radio button group can contain a basically unlimited number of items.
Click on the "+" plus icon to add the first item:


Add Item


Select the item and change the "Item Text" and "Item Value":


Edit Item


Item Text:

The item text defines the text shown in the form.


Item Value:

The item value defines the value for the selection.
The "Item Value" is the value that should either be transferred by email or inserted into the database.

Each input element has a unique field name through which the content can be accessed.
Each time the user inputs, the content of the form elements is automatically updated. See also: Field Name


Default Selection:

Check the option "Default Selection" to set the selected item as default selection.
You can also uncheck the option to set no default selection for the group.
Hint: You can also double-click on an item to change the "Default Selection".


Item Width:

Radiobutton groups can be aligned both horizontally and vertically.
Furthermore, a combination of vertical and horizontal alignment is possible, wherein the width of each element can be set individually:

  • Items are arranged side by side until the total width reaches 100%.
  • If the total width exceeds 100%, a break is automatically inserted.
  • An item with 100% width fills an entire row.

See: Radiobutton and Checkbox Group Item Alignment

Tools: Insert Bulk, Sort and Delete Items

Click on the "Tools" icon:


Item Tools


See: Radio Button, Checkbox and Dropdown: Insert Bulk, Sort and Delete