Submission Tasks

Arclab® Web Form Builder

Form Submission Tasks

Arclab Web Form Builder allows you to define multiple tasks to be executed after the user submits the form.
Switch to the "Email and Database" tab and select the type of task you want to add under "Add Submission Task":


Submission Tasks


You can change the order using the up and down arrows. It is also possible to pause and copy tasks.


Arclab Web Form Builder allows you to define a sequence of submission tasks which will be executed on form submission.


Email Database Autoresponder Schema


Submission Email

The script generates an email out of the submitted form content after the user hits submit on the (final) form page.
The form results will arrive directly in your inbox after the form was submitted.


Autoresponder Email

An optional autoresponder (automated response) or custom message can be sent to the person filling out the form.


Continue: Send Email


The script created by the program can not only send the form data via email, but also insert it directly into a MySQL database.
For this, only a form field (source field) has to be assigned to the respective database field (target field).


Continue: Insert into MySQL Database

Execute Custom PHP Code

Web Form Builder also allows you to execute custom PHP code on form submission.
Please note that this functionality is only available in the "Test Version" or in the "Developer Edition".


See also:


Continue: Execute Custom PHP Code

(Optional) Condition

Conditions can be used for many applications. Thus, depending on the user's choice in the form, various tasks can be performed after submitting the form.
You can use conditions e.g, to send an email to different recipients or to send the autoresponder only if the user wants a copy.


  • You can add a condition to each task, which must be fulfilled for the task to be executed.
    The condition is shown in the column "Condition".

  • If you do not add a condition, the task will always be executed.
    This will be displayed as "Always" under "Condition".



Sample: Conditional Recipients

In the following example, depending on a selection made by the user in the form, the email should be sent to different recipients.


For this we use a dropdown element with the name "Subject".
Depending on the selection or the value of the field, an email should be sent to the respective recipient.


First create a separate task for each recipient.
You can use the "Duplicate Task" function for this purpose and only change the recipient.


Click on "Condition" to set a condition for each of the messages:


Optional Condition


Select the field to which the condition should be applied and enter the value for the condition.
Please note that the value and the displayed text for e.g. a dropdown items can be different.


Conditional Recipients


In this sample an email message should be sent to "sales@yourdomain.tld" if the "subject" is "sales".
Select the appropriate condition for each email or task.